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There are lots of Bible believing churches in central Montana. What makes Westside different?

We start with a conviction that the Bible must shape every aspect of our life. This is the fundamental way to honor the Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore we believe in things like God’s absolute sovereignty in salvation, a plurality of elders leading the church, a commitment to church discipline and peacemaking, and men being led by men. You can find out about all these distinctives by checking out our "about us" page.

Our Purpose Statement

We, the bride of Christ, exist by God's grace for his glory, the ultimate purpose of all we do. -Purpose statement of Westside Baptist Church, adopted July 26, 2005

The Good News

Christianity is all about Good News. However, there is a problem: a lot of folks think they are safe now; they think they are Christians. That’s because Christ’s Good News has been distorted. In reality, the Good News, starts with bad news. Every person is in great danger! In fact, every person is already so diseased the Bible calls us “dead.” But our Lord has paid the price to change us forever. So, who knows the joy of being changed? According to Jesus, only the few who discover His narrow gate and difficult way. Check out our “The Good News” page above to be challenged!

Bible Studies

Studying God's word together is very important, and at Westside we try to encourage each other to do just that. We have various Bible studies available during the week, and Sunday morning (please contact us for current schedule). For a full listing of our Bible studies, click here.

Homeschool Conference



FEBRUARY 8-9, 2018: http://westsidebaptistgf.org/on-the-way-homeschool-conference/



WEDNESDAY NIGHT FAMILY INTEGRATED SERVICE 7pm in the Sanctuary; Joseph Moyer will teach through Psalm 37: “Inheriting the Earth: The Challenge of Biblical Dependence”

FRIDAY MORNING MEN’S BREAKFAST AND BIBLE STUDY 6am here at the church, continuing our study of 1 & 2 Samuel “Becoming a Man After God’s Own Heart: Learning From the Life of David”.

YOUTH/ADULT SUNDAY SCHOOL 9:30am, we are surveying the last book of the Bible, the Revelation of John.

We also invite you to join us for SUNDAY WORSHIP SERVICE each week at 10:45am.

For more information on any of these opportunities, please leave a message at our front office 761-3511. We are happy to get back to you with details!

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